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Three Points on the Determinants of the Price of Freezers

Three Points on the Determinants of the Price of Freezers

The first point, the price of accessories that determine the price of the freezer

The price of accessories is undoubtedly one of the biggest influencing factors in determining the overall price of the refrigerator, which is beyond doubt. The price of accessories of different quality will not be the same. Therefore, the price of high-quality accessories will be relatively higher, and the price of the accessories of lower quality refrigerators will be lower. Of course, accessories The quality will be worse.

The second point, the cooling temperature of the freezer

According to the classification of refrigerators, common industrial refrigerators can be divided into normal temperature refrigerators, medium and normal temperature refrigerators, low temperature refrigerators, ultra-low temperature refrigerators, etc. The price of different refrigerators is of course different!

This is also because the compressors used, as well as the actual needs of various accessories and enterprises, are different. Because of this, the overall price is also different.

The third point, cooling power

Even at the same refrigeration temperature, there are different refrigeration powers. Of course, dual heads and single heads are different. The refrigeration power is an important factor in determining the price of a refrigerator.

Refrigeration power refers to its refrigeration efficiency. The larger the refrigeration power, the more refrigerating capacity is in the same time. Often large enterprises and enterprises with large refrigeration requirements choose refrigerators with higher refrigeration power. Small businesses choose relatively small refrigeration power, and the price of the latter is of course relatively low.

Of course, in addition to the above three points, have the refrigerator been strictly tested when it leaves the factory, whether it is produced by a large enterprise or a large manufacturer, what is the reputation of the manufacturer, what is its pricing strategy, and what is the production cost at the location of the company, etc. And so on, are all factors that determine the price of a refrigerator, but the most important ones are the three points mentioned above: “refrigeration temperature”, “refrigeration power”, and “accessories”.