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What is the composition of annealing equipment?

What is the composition of annealing equipment?

The annealing equipment is mainly composed of the heating furnace cover, the inner cover of the working stove, the pipe valve system, the electric temperature control cabinet, the vacuum system, and the maintenance atmosphere supply system. The positioning and connection of the furnace cover of the well-known brand of annealing equipment are used in conjunction with the guide posts and power sockets of each furnace base, and the guide posts are accurately positioned and automatically connected. Let’s take a look at the composition of the annealing equipment.

1. Heating furnace cover

The heating furnace cover of the annealing equipment is formed by welding of profiled steel plates, and the furnace top is equipped with a lifting frame. The reasonable structure can ensure that the furnace cover is not deformed or loosened during the lifting and moving work. Refractory fiber press-formed bricks are used for masonry, and the interlaced joint structure is used to prevent the fiber from shrinking and heat leakage after burning. The heating element of the annealing equipment is made of high-temperature heat-resistant alloy belt, and is fixed on the inner side of the furnace wall with screw-type fastening porcelain hook nails. The power of the heating element is arranged to be larger in the lower part, second in the upper part, and smaller in the middle part, and reach the average furnace temperature after hot air circulation.

2. Inner cover of working stove

The furnace table of the annealing equipment is composed of a furnace base support and a charging base, a hot air circulation fan inlet and outlet pipe of the inner cover part, a sealing ring water cooling mechanism and a positioning column, and an electric contact base mechanism. The inner cover of the main part of the annealing equipment is made of heat-resistant stainless steel plate to be pressed into a wave shape and welded. The gas and water pipes of the Uzo energy-saving stove are respectively controlled by valves, and the positioning and guiding posts of the stove and the electrical installation are coordinated with the positioning sleeves and plugs of the heating mantle.

3. Pipe valve system

The gas and water pipes of the electric furnace of the annealing equipment are arranged according to the layout drawing of the foundation and the location of each accessory on the user site. The user should also arrange the matching pipeline joint positions according to the underlying pipeline layout plan to ensure that the pipeline system is safe, reliable, and easy to operate. Each pipeline control valve is equipped with high-precision control valves and safety valves.

All in all, the annealing equipment consists of a heating furnace cover and a pipe valve system. In order to ensure the correct working temperature in the furnace, the inner cover of each furnace is equipped with a temperature measuring thermocouple and a display instrument, which can display the actual temperature in the furnace cover during the entire heating and cooling process at any time, so the sales of annealing equipment will be very good. After a series of processes such as rolling and forging in the heating furnace and annealing furnace, the steel is processed. During the processing, the temperature must be lowered to be shaped. Therefore, the annealing equipment plays a very important role in the forging process.