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How to choose induction heating equipment?

How to choose induction heating equipment?

Induction heating equipment can be roughly divided into: super audio frequency induction heating equipment, high frequency induction heating equipment, medium frequency induction heating equipment, etc. according to different output frequencies. Different heating processes require different frequencies. If the wrong frequency selection cannot meet the heating requirements, such as slow heating time, low work efficiency, uneven heating, and temperature failure to meet the requirements, it is easy to cause damage to the workpiece.

To select the frequency correctly, first of all, we must understand the heating process requirements of the product. In general, there are several situations:

Workpieces are diathermy, such as fasteners, standard parts, auto parts, hardware tools, hot upsetting and hot rolling of twist drills, etc. The larger the diameter of the work piece, the lower the frequency should be. Suitable for ultra high frequency (100-500KHZ) below φ4mm, φ4-16mm suitable for high frequency (50-100KHZ) φ16-40mm suitable for super audio (10-50KHZ) above φ40mm suitable for intermediate frequency (0.5-10KHZ)

Heat treatment, shafts, gears, quenching and annealing of stainless steel products, etc., take quenching as an example. The workpiece requires the shallower the quenching layer, the higher the frequency should be, and the deeper the quenching layer, the lower the frequency should be. The quenching layer is: 0.2-0.8mm, suitable for 100-250KHZ UHF 0-1.5mm, suitable for 40-50KHZ high frequency, super audio 1.5-2mm, suitable for 20-25KHZ super audio 2.0-3.0mm, suitable for 8-20KHZ super audio, intermediate frequency 3.0 -5.0mm is suitable for 4-8KHZ intermediate frequency 5.0-8.0mm is suitable for 2.5-4KHZ intermediate frequency