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Intermediate frequency furnace charge

Intermediate frequency furnace charge

Intermediate frequency furnace charge

Ramming material This furnace lining is a pre-mixed dry ramming material. The high-quality high-temperature binder is selected to have strong crack resistance. The high-quality and high-purity quartz sand and quartz powder have high temperature resistance, and the maximum temperature can reach 2000 degrees. , It is widely used in continuous operation and intermittent operation environment of non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals.

Acidic, neutral, and alkaline ramming materials are widely used in coreless intermediate frequency furnaces and cored induction furnaces. They are used as intermediate frequency furnace ramming materials to melt gray cast iron, ductile iron, forgeable cast iron, vermicular graphite cast iron and cast iron alloys. , Melting carbon steel, alloy steel, high manganese steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, melting aluminum and its alloys, melting copper alloys such as copper, brass, cupronickel and bronze, etc.

Using high-quality quartz sand as the main raw material, the particles are prepared in a multi-level ratio, prepared with dry materials, and stirred evenly. Shorten the drying and sintering cycle. Users can build the furnace directly without stirring.

It is characterized by no slagging, no cracks, no failure when exposed to moisture, convenient repair of the furnace, and corrosion resistance, in particular, it can increase the age of the furnace and significantly improve economic benefits. The company supplies a large amount of silicon ramming materials, and the quality is guaranteed. Welcome to consult and negotiate! To

ZG1 type material is used to melt a series of metal materials such as ordinary steel, 45# steel, high gong steel, high manganese steel, special steel, etc. The number of heats used can reach more than 120 heats, and the highest can reach 195 heats.

The ZH2 type material is used for smelting gray iron, and the number of furnaces used can reach more than 300 furnaces, and the maximum can reach 550 furnaces.