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How to check and accept the high-temperature box-type resistance furnace after receiving the goods?

How to check and accept the high-temperature box-type resistance furnace after receiving the goods?

1. Heating element

(1) The heating element is a very important part for the high temperature box-type resistance furnace, and it is also a vulnerable item. After receiving the muffle furnace, it must be inspected and accepted.

(2) Silicon molybdenum rods and silicon carbide rods are fragile and easy to break under pressure after heating. Be careful when transporting, installing and using them.

(3) Quartz heating element is a brittle material. Pay attention to safety during installation and use, and take necessary protective measures according to the specific conditions of the heated object during use to avoid mechanical damage.

2. Furnace

The hearth is made of alumina ceramic fiber material. Due to long-distance logistics and transportation, after receiving the high-temperature box-type resistance furnace, be sure to check whether the furnace hearth is cracked or broken.

3. Temperature control

Check whether the temperature control instrument is consistent with the contract, the temperature control system can work normally, and the control operation is accurate.

4. Electrical part

The working current, voltage and power of the high-temperature box-type resistance furnace are consistent with the original design. The alarm and protection design are well considered. The selection of electrical components should meet the requirements of the contract. The electrical installation and wiring should be neat and consistent with the corresponding technical specifications. The identification is clear and accurate. .

5. Parameter control

The furnace size, temperature control accuracy, rated working temperature, temperature uniformity, vacuum degree and other indicators meet the technical requirements.

6. Vacuum system

The working vacuum degree, ultimate vacuum degree, vacuum time and system leakage rate all meet the technical requirements, and the vacuum unit and vacuum measurement work normally.

7. Mechanical part

The mechanical part is installed correctly and can operate normally. The mechanical mechanism is flexible in advance and retreat, opening and closing, lifting and rotation, accurate positioning, and the opening of the furnace cover is flexible, without jamming, and it is closed tightly.

8. Auxiliary system

The auxiliary system of the high temperature box-type resistance furnace generally includes hydraulic and gas systems. The auxiliary system is required to work normally regardless of manual or automatic. The hydraulic system should be free of oil leakage, oil leakage, oil blockage and noise, and the hydraulic mechanism and valves should be flexible and run. Stable and reliable.

9. Technical information

Technical documents mainly include installation technical documents, diagrams of main components and assembly drawings of high-temperature box-type resistance furnaces, electrical control schematic diagrams, operating instructions, maintenance instructions, and outsourced accessory materials.