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Application of induction heat treatment of auto parts

Application of induction heat treatment of auto parts

Luoyang Songdao Induction Heating Technology Co., Ltd. has strong technical research and development capabilities, rich experience in intermediate frequency design, and a relatively complete after-sales service system in various regions of the country. Medium frequency induction heating, quenching machine tools, vacuum furnaces, electric arc furnaces, closed water cooling, intermediate frequency Melting furnace, intermediate frequency quenching and tempering, steel pipe quenching and tempering, round steel quenching and tempering, online heat treatment.

Auto parts using induction hardening are mainly automotive shaft parts that transmit power torque, such as gear shafts, crankshafts, half shafts, spline shafts, transmission shafts, camshafts, and various pin shaft parts.

The rapid development of induction power in modern society. At present, the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, Spain and other industrialized countries have produced dozens of all-solid-state transistor power supplies. The product specifications are complete, the size is small, the power conversion efficiency can reach 92% or more, and the power frequency can cover the entire induction heating. field of. Induction hardening machine tools are developing in the direction of flexibility, automation, and intelligent control. Induction hardening devices with parts identification, energy control, process parameter display, fault diagnosis, display, and alarm are widely used in production.

46d8c26f96ff3a82.jpg Induction heating equipment can be divided into main categories such as high frequency, ultra high frequency, super audio frequency, intermediate frequency and so on. It leads the three major areas of welding, quenching, and heat penetration.