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Which mechatronics intermediate frequency heating equipment is better?

Which mechatronics intermediate frequency heating equipment is better?

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Typical application of intermediate frequency heating equipment:

Mechatronics heating equipment is mostly used for high-power intermediate-frequency power supply heating. Generally, the power supply is equipped with automatic feeding and discharging devices. Because of its compact structure, less floor space, and energy saving, it is very popular with customers. Its connection line is very short, which reduces the power loss on the connection line, thereby saving the electricity consumption of the equipment. According to experience, it generally saves about 3% of energy compared with split heating equipment. In addition, according to customer requirements, PLC programming controller and infrared temperature measurement three-selection device can be configured, and the entire heating process can be automatically controlled.

Main features of mechatronics intermediate frequency heating equipment:

The whole set of equipment consists of only one furnace body, small footprint, mechatronics design, intermediate frequency voltage doubler output, output tank circuit wide copper row and small gap design, reducing power loss of the line, saving up to 10%-15% The furnace body of the induction heating furnace adopts double insulation treatment, which increases the service life and reliability by three times. The thin furnace lining design reduces the space leakage, and the electric energy conversion efficiency is extremely high, achieving the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.