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What are the advantages of high-frequency hardening machine tools?

What are the advantages of high-frequency hardening machine tools?

The most important thing about a machine is its working performance. The better the performance, the better the working efficiency. The probability of failure will also be greatly reduced. Of course, there will be great differences in the performance of different types of machinery. .

High-frequency hardening machine tool is such a kind of machine. Today I will come to learn with you about the specific performance of high-frequency hardening machine tool.

The first point: high-frequency hardening machine tools adopt IGBT solid-state inverter technology, which is more energy-saving and efficient, and the output power is also increased.

The second point: High-frequency hardening machine tools adopt digital phase lock technology, which can realize the automatic frequency tracking effect.

The third point: It also has great advantages in safety protection. The protection function is very complete, the reliability is also high, and the maintenance is easier.

The fourth point: modular design, simple installation, convenient operation, no need to debug.

Fifth point: 100% negative performance rate design, can work continuously for 24 hours.

Sixth point: It can replace other heating methods (such as gas, coking coal, oil furnace, electric furnace, electronic tube high frequency, etc.), energy saving and environmental protection.

Seventh point: The use of resonance frequency conversion technology makes the equipment efficiency ≥95%, and the high-frequency induction heating power supply has high efficiency.