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Knowledge about condenser of refrigerating machine heat exchange parts

Knowledge about condenser of refrigerating machine heat exchange parts

What are the heat exchange parts of the freezer? It is the heat exchange part, which is the core part of the refrigerator part. The refrigerator has multiple heat exchange parts, or in other words, most of the parts of the refrigerator are heat exchange parts.

The condenser is a familiar part of the refrigerator, and it is also one of the more important parts. One of the four major parts of the so-called refrigerator is the condenser. Let me talk about the relevant knowledge of the condenser in detail below.

The working sequence of the condenser: it is located after the exhaust port of the compressor. In the working chamber of the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed, and the discharged refrigerant is still gas refrigerant. These gas refrigerants will pass through the refrigerant pipe Into the condenser tube, the condenser will condense the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant, and the condensation process will turn the gas refrigerant into a liquid refrigerant.

The temperature of the condenser has always been relatively high, and it is also prone to problems such as condensed water. However, the most prone failure of the condenser of the freezer is the lack of the following three:

1. Poor condensation effect

The condensation effect is determined by many factors, including but not limited to the quality of the condenser, the rationality of the design of the entire refrigeration system, the maintenance period of the condenser, and so on.

2. The scale and ash of the condenser

Different condensers have different sources of problems. Water-cooled condensers are mainly caused by scale. If air-cooled, it is mainly caused by dust. Regular cleaning and maintenance are required.

Three, the condenser condensing temperature problem, the condenser condensing pressure problem

When the condenser has a condensing temperature problem, it should be solved in time. The condensing pressure problem of the condenser and the condensing temperature problem are basically interdependent.

Heat exchange is actually divided into downstream heat exchange and counter-current heat exchange. However, ordinary condenser operators and maintenance personnel do not need to consider these at all. They only need to avoid the above problems in the condenser to ensure the normal operation of the condenser.

The daily maintenance of the freezer condenser is also very important. Without adequate maintenance, the heat transfer coefficient will change, which will have a certain impact on the condensation of the refrigerant. It is recommended that you maintain the condenser or even the entire freezer.