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The difference between refractory castable and cement

The difference between refractory castable and cement

Cement and refractory castables are both important building materials. The two are very similar but there are differences. Nowadays, refractory castable manufacturers simply put the differences between the two:

Refractory castables are granular and powdery materials made of refractory materials with a certain amount of binder. They have high fluidity. After the castables are shaped, they can form a refractory structure. They are generally used in places that require high temperature resistance. And cement can be divided into It is general-purpose cement, special cement and special cement.General general-purpose cement is not resistant to high temperature, but special refractory cement is also resistant to high temperature, which is widely used in civil engineering, water conservancy, national defense and other projects.

Refractory castables can be used as cement, but cement cannot be used as refractory castables. There are many types of castables, steel fiber, anti-skinning, anti-alkali, and special for coal injection pipes. If it is ground, it is difficult to polish. The use of refractory castables as cement is too wasteful in terms of cost. The cheapest castables are thousands of dollars per ton, and the best cement is only a few hundred yuan per ton. The difference in price shows that no one will take cement. When pouring material.

Cement is very common in ordinary times. Whether it is urban construction or rural construction, cement is everywhere. After mixing with water, cement becomes mud-like, which will harden in the air, strong and durable, and affordable. It is very popular. It has high fluidity and is suitable for molding by pouring method.Its moisture content is high, so it has good fluidity.

The above is the difference between refractory castable and cement summarized by castable manufacturers. I hope to help everyone. Both cement and refractory castable have their own differences. They are used in different production occasions. If there are more For related questions, you can contact the Henan castable manufacturer to give you the most professional answer.