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Where to buy square tube quenching equipment? The price of a set of equipment?

Where to buy square tube quenching equipment? The price of a set of equipment?

The metal heat treatment equipment produced by heating by the electromagnetic principle and the electric control system control the production. During the production process, there will be no waste gas, smoke, dust and other environmentally polluting substances, and it has a faster production speed and high heating temperature accuracy. The processing quality is excellent, and the mechanical properties and economic value of the metal steel are improved.

Commonly used styles of induction heating equipment in the market include steel bar heating equipment, steel pipe heating equipment, billet heating equipment, steel hot rolling equipment, steel plate quenching equipment, square tube quenching equipment, round steel quenching and tempering equipment, etc. Induction heating equipment is widely used in mining machinery , Railway transportation, machinery manufacturing and other industries, have important economic value.

Square tube quenching equipment price?

The price of general quenching heat treatment equipment is related to the manufacturer, the location of the manufacturer, the quality of the equipment and the equipment model, so its price is not fixed.

The price of square tube quenching equipment is closely related to the output size. The output is small and the price is low. If the output is large, the price must be high. In addition, the upper tube quenching production line itself has many advantages and sells better, so no matter which manufacturer, the price They are all very tall.