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How to use the chiller safely in winter?

How to use the chiller safely in winter?

Chiller, a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment, is mainly used to change the temperature of the surrounding environment. Now the winter has been successful everywhere, so what should our chillers do? Many companies plan to shut down the chiller, cover it with a waterproof and dustproof cloth, and wait for it to be used next year. The chiller manufacturer tells you that this is wrong.

The correct way to deal with the chiller is to clean up and maintain the chiller.

1. Maintain the compressor of the chiller, especially the compressor of the air-cooled chiller;

2. Maintain the condenser of the chiller and its steel pipe, especially the condenser of the water-cooled chiller and its pipes, because the condenser of the water-cooled chiller will accumulate scale, so It will affect the use of the chiller when it is turned on in the coming year;

3. Replace the filter of the chiller, both for air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers;

4. Ensure that the refrigerant in the chiller is sufficient;

5. Test the airtightness and sealing of the chiller.

The service life of the chiller can reach more than 20 years, but we usually have to take good care of it in order to make its use better and better.