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Professional manufacturer of breathable bricks

Professional manufacturer of breathable bricks

(Picture) Slit-type breathable brick

Slit-type ladle bottom argon-blowing air-permeable brick: This product is made of high-purity raw materials through vibration molding, low-temperature baking or high-temperature firing. The product is supplied with argon gas through the slits of the ventilated brick core. It has the advantages of high thermal strength, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and erosion resistance. Its performance has reached or exceeded similar foreign imported products. It is used in steel mills LF, Argon blowing process for LF-VD, CAS-OB refined ladle and continuous casting ordinary ladle has long service life, high blow-through rate and good safety.

(Picture) Impermeable Breathable Brick

Anti-seepage type ladle bottom argon-blowing breathable brick: This product is made of high-purity raw materials and fired at high temperature. It has the advantages of thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, and impermeable steel. The product is composed of breathable seat bricks and impermeable breathable cores. The anti-seepage venting core is composed of an anti-seepage venting core element, a ventilating round table, and a peripheral castable. It is mainly supplied with argon through the anti-seepage element. It is used in steelmaking plants LF, LFVD, CAS-OB refined ladle The bottom argon blowing process of continuous casting ordinary ladle can be cleaned with less or no cleaning, with high blow-through rate, long life and good safety. Compared with slit-type air-permeable bricks, this product is safer, saves energy and reduces emissions, and can effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers.

(Picture) Split Breathable Brick

Split type ladle bottom argon-blowing ventilating brick: It can adopt slit type or impermeable ventilating brick core, which is composed of ventilating core, ventilating seat brick and ventilating brick high-quality fire clay, all of which can be purchased separately. Due to the hot repair and replacement of the vent core, it is more flexible during use and can be used in various refining conditions. It can be applied to the bottom argon blowing process of LF, LF-VD, CAS-OB refining ladle and continuous casting ordinary ladle in steelmaking plants. . The high-quality fire clay used for the assembly of split air-permeable bricks is made of high-purity corundum as the main raw material and added with a variety of additives. It can be used only by adding water on site. It has high refractoriness, easy adjustment, high bonding strength, The advantages of safe use and easy dissociation after use can also be used to repair seat bricks, replace and install skateboards.

(Referred to as With domestic leading production equipment and first-class production technology, it is the country’s largest manufacturer of argon blowing and venting components with a production capacity of 120,000 sets. Since its establishment, the company has successfully applied for more than 20 patents. At present, the performance of the series of refractory products developed by our company has reached or exceeded similar imported products. It has achieved good results in use and has been well received by users!