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Intermediate frequency Copper melting furnace-160

Intermediate frequency Copper melting furnace-160

Model: SD-160

Input power: 160KW

Input voltage: three-phase 380V ± 20% 50 or 60HZ

Input current: 170A

Oscillation frequency: 1KHZ-20KHZ according to customer’s workpiece heating requirements and
load duration: 100% 24 hours continuous work

The maximum heating capacity of each smelting furnace is 40-50 minutes for each furnace when it is cold, and 20-30 minutes for each furnace when it is hot . 5-8 minutes for precious metals within 10 kg .

Specification Stainless steel iron Copper, gold, silver and other precious metals Aluminum and aluminum alloy
HGP-15 High Frequency Furnace 0.5kg l-4kg 0.5kg
HGP-25 High Frequency Furnace 1 kg 4-8 kg 2 kg
SD-15 intermediate frequency furnace 4 kg 10 kg 10 kg
SD-25 intermediate frequency furnace 8 kg 20 kg 20 kg
SD-35 intermediate frequency furnace 14 kg 30 kg 40 kg
SD-45 intermediate frequency furnace 20 kg 50 kg 50 kg
SD-70 intermediate frequency furnace 28 kg 80 kg 70 kg
SD-90 intermediate frequency furnace 45 kg 100 kg 90 kg
SD-110 intermediate frequency furnace 70 kg 150 kg 100 kg
SD-160 intermediate frequency furnace 100 kg 250 kg 150 kg