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How to clean the condenser of the chiller?

How to clean the condenser of the chiller?

There are different types of condensers, the most common are air-cooled and water-cooled condensers, the two types of condensers are different types of condensers.

The condenser of the air-cooled freezer does not come into contact with water, so the most likely problem is dust accumulation and hardening. Its cleaning can be done by a combination of manual cleaning and solvent cleaning.

The biggest problem with water-cooled condensers is that due to prolonged contact with the cooling circulating water, there will be scale problems. Of course, if the inside of the condenser is in contact with the refrigerant, it should also be cleaned and cleaned. While cleaning the outside of the tube, the inside of the tube should be cleaned and cleaned.

In addition to cleaning and cleaning the condenser, it is also necessary to clean and clean the filter screen of the dryer filter regularly to ensure that the filter screen can achieve a filtering effect. If the chiller is used frequently and runs for a long time, it is recommended to Clean up once every half a month, but when cleaning the filter screen of the filter drier, it must be cleaned and cleaned after shutting down.