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Medium frequency induction hardening equipment

Medium frequency induction hardening equipment

Our intermediate frequency induction hardening equipment uses precise inductors or induction coils and controllable current, voltage and frequency to accurately control the depth of hardening, and is generally used for surface hardening. Fully mechanical transmission, novel design, beautiful structure, complete functions, suitable for use with the company’s intermediate frequency power supply device.

Main description of medium frequency induction hardening equipment:

(1) Cabinet-type main structure, the cabinet is equipped with electrical and waterway systems, and the front of the cabinet is equipped with indicating instruments and control buttons. The pool height is suitable and easy to operate;

(2) Ferrite quenching transformer, simple waterway;

(3) Adjust the capacitance of the intermediate frequency compensation capacitor with a knife switch;

(4) An intermediate frequency contactor is installed outside the machine to avoid the impact of vibration on the main cabinet;

(5) Using micro-processing to control the working process can be pre-heated and pre-cooled.