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What are the classifications of electrical insulation products?

What are the classifications of electrical insulation products?

1. Insulating paint: commonly used material types include epoxy resin, polyester, polyurethane, silicone resin, etc., which are mostly used for surface coatings in various industrial equipment;

2. Impregnated fiber products: It is some products such as cotton, silk, synthetic fiber, etc. that are impregnated with resin to become insulating cloth, etc., which are often used in some special occasions;

3. Laminated products: after impregnating some substrates with resin, a laminate material can be formed, which is also widely used in the electrical industry;

4. Plastic products: By adding some organic or inorganic fillers to the resin, various plastic products with a certain appearance and insulation are formed, such as TV casings, instrument casings, electrical switches, etc.;

5. Film and its composite products: use some polymer materials to make various capacitor materials, such as insulating tape, insulating paper, etc.;

6. rubber products: such as some wire and cable insulation layers and sheaths, heat shrinkable tubes, silicone rubber insulated terminals, etc., are rubber products with a certain degree of insulation.