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Structural features of open vertical tube furnace

Structural features of open vertical tube furnace

1. The heating wire is distributed annularly inside the furnace, and the furnace tube is surrounded 360 degrees to improve the temperature uniformity in the furnace;

2. High-purity Al2O3 fiber refractory insulation material has superior insulation effect and effectively reduces the power consumption of equipment;

3. The furnace body adopts double-layer air-cooling structure technology, which helps to reduce the surface temperature of the shell;

4. Adopt intelligent PID fuzzy temperature control, centralized control with 7-inch touch screen, which can visually display the “time-temperature” curve;

5. The integrated water-cooled flange is used to prevent the flange from overheating and damaging the sealing ring, and fully guarantee the sealing performance of the equipment;

6. Use self-developed electromagnetic lifting trip technology to realize rapid quenching treatment of materials.