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What are the auxiliary equipment of induction heating furnace for forging?

What are the auxiliary equipment of induction heating furnace for forging?

1. Inductor bracket: install a heating inductor, install a furnace door at the outlet of the inductor to prevent heat dissipation at the end of the workpiece and ensure the uniformity of the heating temperature.

2. Loading and unloading system and workpiece moving device: According to the requirements of the demander’s on-site work method, the feeding device adopts a chain to lift the feeding, and the PLC controlled cylinder pushes the workpiece to move in the sensor step by step. When the workpiece reaches the heating temperature, it is removed After the inductor, it enters the unloading device. The unloading device adopts a chain discharging method and is connected with the follow-up station of the buyer, so that the heated workpiece enters the follow-up station for the next step of processing. The pushing stroke of the cylinder can be adjusted manually to ensure the relative position of the workpieces of different specifications in the sensor.

3. Circulating soft water cooling system: Provides circulating soft water cooling of heating components such as medium frequency induction heating power supply, tank circuit capacitor cabinet, stainless steel guide rail, inductor, etc., using water-water heat exchanger. The intermediate frequency induction heating power supply and the tank circuit capacitor cabinet are cooled by internal circulating water, and the stainless steel rails and inductors are cooled by external circulating water.

4. Operation console: It provides external control operation of medium frequency induction heating power supply, and is equipped with temperature monitoring instruments and PLC control system.

5. Temperature monitoring and control: A thermometer is installed at the exit of the induction heating furnace. The heating temperature of the workpiece is detected by the thermometer to monitor whether the heating temperature meets the process requirements. The temperature display instrument is installed on the operating table.

6. PLC control system: by interlocking with other equipment on the production line and detection switches, control the start/stop and power adjustment of the induction heating furnace, control the movement of the cylinder to push the workpiece and the rhythm of loading and unloading, and complete the synchronization control of the induction heating furnace Interlock function and system fault detection.