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How to choose a good steel rod induction heating furnace?

How to choose a good steel rod induction heating furnace?

From the user’s point of view, what aspect of the steel rod induction heating furnace will the user pay attention to? What work has Songdao Technology done in this regard?

1. The control problem of the steel rod sensor.

The manufacturer of the steel rod induction heating furnace is very important. If the heating effect is not good, the hardness of the steel bar cannot meet the requirements, and the pig iron.

The waste generated in the production process causes losses. China Songdao Technology adopts technology upgrades, and the control system adopts a full-color screen and steel rod induction control.

2. The environmental problems to be solved by the steel rod sensor.

Environmental protection has become a mainstream topic in today’s era, and compliance with environmental protection policies is a prerequisite for enterprises. The induction heat treatment furnace of steel is environmentally friendly.

On the basis of traditional induction heating equipment, Songdao Technology draws on international advanced technology and adopts hydraulic transmission type production equipment.

Achieve environmental protection, energy saving, high-efficiency production, no noise pollution during processing!

3. The inductivity of steel should be solved by the heat treatment furnace manufacturer.

The quality of the steel rod heat treatment furnace is guaranteed, and the user must consider the manufacturer’s qualifications and service issues. Regular manufacturer,

What about after-sales? Songdao Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent manufacturer and can undertake import business. Songdao Technology has a very mature technical team. Possess good team spirit and can provide customers with perfect after-sales service in time. Damaged by non-human factors, all products are guaranteed for one year and used for life.

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