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How to choose square tube quenching equipment?

How to choose square tube quenching equipment?

The prerequisite for customers to choose a cost-effective square tube quenching furnace is to choose a good induction heating equipment manufacturer. The next is the equipment selection skills summarized by Yuantuo’s mechanical and electrical technical experts combined with many years of experience:

1. First of all, combined with search engines, select 3-5 top-ranked and well-reputed manufacturers, and have a certain understanding of the manufacturer’s official website and products;

2. Have a preliminary understanding of the manufacturer’s quenching heat treatment equipment model, specifications, output, quality, performance and other aspects, to see if it can meet the needs of users, and select 2-3 better ones;

3. Next, the purchaser should go to the manufacturer to understand it on the spot, and get a close understanding of the manufacturer’s strength, production technology, equipment testing, user site, etc., in order to purchase very good metal heat treatment or bedding;

4. Finally, users should pay attention to the fact that when choosing a manufacturer, they must ask whether they have signed a formal contract and whether there is a contract, so that they can fundamentally consider their own interests.