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How much is a set of bolt quenching and tempering equipment?

How much is a set of bolt quenching and tempering equipment?

The current overall quotation of heat treatment quenching and tempering furnace ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. Although the quotation of induction heating equipment has increased slightly, the quotation is controlled within a reasonable price, and the overall return on investment is still considerable.

Are there any discounts on the quotation of bolt quenching and tempering equipment?

The specific quotation discount depends on the manufacturer you choose. Generally speaking, bolt quenching and tempering equipment is expensive to invest. It is recommended that you choose direct selling manufacturers.

1. The ex-factory price is more favorable,

2. The after-sales service is relatively perfect.

The ex-factory price can save you the difference between the middlemen, and the original manufacturer will give you a better after-sales service. Due to the special nature of the work, the wearing parts will wear out during the working process of the bolt quenching and tempering furnace. May choose large manufacturers to cooperate.

We do not deny that many small manufacturers have the advantage of low prices, but you can’t just look at the quotation once you buy a machine. The later investment costs are also a lot. If the steel rod quenching and tempering treatment equipment frequently fails,

1. Breakdown maintenance requires additional expenditure,

2. Shutdown for maintenance means that the equipment is stopped, which directly damages your interests.

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