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China refractory brick prices(2021)

China refractory brick prices(2021)

With the progress of China’s refractory brick factories, it has developed rapidly in recent years. Compared with the previous ones, refractory bricks have also made rapid progress in performance, advantages and characteristics. Whether it is the traditional refractory bricks before or the refractory bricks that have been treated with a special process so far, a question that people will always care about is the price of refractory bricks, so how much is the price of refractory bricks?

There are many types of refractory bricks, and sometimes the specifications and dimensions of refractory bricks are not too clear. Those who have a certain understanding of refractory bricks know that there are many types of refractory brick products, and the content of raw materials between them is not quite equal. It is impossible for the refractory material factory to directly mark the price, and list the factors that should be paid attention to when inquiring the price of refractory bricks:

1. To query the price of refractory bricks, you need to explain to the manufacturer the material of the refractory bricks by phone or fax. Generally, refractory bricks are mainly divided into: high alumina refractory bricks, clay refractory bricks, light refractory bricks, magnesia chrome bricks, electrofusion Bricks, silica bricks, etc.

2. It is necessary to indicate the grade of refractory bricks required; for example, high-alumina refractory bricks are divided into: first-class refractory bricks, second-class refractory bricks, third-class refractory bricks, etc.

3. Specify the specifications and dimensions of the refractory bricks, which are generally transmitted in the form of drawings. General standard refractory brick manufacturers have stocks. If it is a special-shaped refractory brick, it needs to be ordered.


4. Quantity is also one of the factors that affect the price of refractory bricks, because the price of molds for producing refractory bricks is generally several thousand or even tens of thousands. If the quantity is large, the production cost of the manufacturer will also be reduced.

5. Querying the price of refractory bricks can not only be compared from the price, but also from the appearance, size, content, unit weight and other factors of the refractory bricks. For example: the price of an ordinary clay brick is from 500 yuan/ton~ There are 800 yuan/ton. The most famous place for refractory brick production in the country is China. The price of its clay refractory bricks is higher than other places, because it is incomparable to other places in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

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