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Anti-skinning refractory castable

Anti-skinning refractory castable

product description

The silicon carbide raw material used in the preparation of high-strength anti-skinning silicon carbide castables has the characteristics of ultra-high wear resistance, fire resistance and high hardness. Moreover, silicon carbide is also an important chemical property and corrosion resistance, which can effectively avoid smoke. The alkali-sulfur components in the reaction with the materials form a crust and block the smoke chamber.


The thermal conductivity is high, the linear expansion coefficient is small, the thermal shock resistance is good, it does not react with the cement raw material, and it has good skinning resistance.

Product Usage

Anti-skinning castables are mainly used for: new dry process kiln calciner slope, rising flue, preheater cone, calciner lining and industrial kiln lining and other crusting parts.

Product Real Picture