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How to purchase the muffle furnace correctly?

How to purchase the muffle furnace correctly?

Pick elements

1. Temperature According to the actual use temperature, select the highest temperature of the muffle furnace. Generally, during use, the maximum temperature of the muffle furnace should be 100~200℃ higher than the operating temperature.

2. Furnace size

Choose the appropriate furnace size according to the weight and volume of the sample to be fired. Generally, the furnace volume should be more than 3 times the total volume of the sample.

3. Furnace material

Furnace materials are roughly divided into two types: fiber materials and refractory brick materials;

Fiber characteristics: light weight, soft texture, good heat preservation;

The characteristics of refractory bricks: heavy weight, hard texture, general heat preservation.

4. Power supply voltage

Before use, you need to determine whether the muffle furnace’s operating voltage is 380V or 220V, so as not to buy it wrong.

5. Heating element

According to the different requirements of the fired samples, different heating elements are mainly used to determine what kind of furnace body to choose. Generally, resistance wire is used below 1200℃, silicon carbide rod is basically used for 1300~1400℃, and silicon molybdenum rod is basically used for 1400~1700℃.