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How to use and maintain the quartz tube in the muffle furnace

How to use and maintain the quartz tube in the muffle furnace

1. The softening point of the quartz tube is 1270 degrees, and it should not exceed 3 hours when used at 1200 degrees.

2. Keep the furnace tube clean and sanitary. There should be no residual substances that react with SiO2 in the furnace tube. When burning materials, in order to make the furnace tube longer service life, do not put the materials directly on the furnace tube and use a boat-shaped crucible to hold it.

3. Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended for customers to pass hydrogen in the tube furnace. Except for the non-hydrogen content in the limit explosive concentration, if the customer needs to use the tube furnace to pass hydrogen with the concentration outside the explosive concentration, safety measures must be taken. Don’t stand at both ends of the furnace tube. If you pass hydrogen, please use stainless steel tubes. Because stainless steel has a larger thermal conductivity than quartz, both ends of stainless steel need to be water-cooled, otherwise the O-ring temperature is too high and cannot be sealed.

4. Please be sure to put ceramic plugs in the furnace tube when heating, otherwise the temperature at both ends of the furnace tube will be high, and the O-rings in the flange will not be able to withstand the high temperature, resulting in poor air tightness. The end is conducive to the formation of a balanced temperature field.

5. When heating, please be sure to put alumina furnace plugs in the furnace tube, put 2 on one side, 4 in total, the innermost distance of the two sides of the furnace plug can be about 450mm (because the length of the heating section of the HTL1200 split tube furnace is 400mm) If the furnace plug is not placed, the temperature at both ends of the furnace tube is high, and the O-ring in the flange cannot withstand the higher temperature, which makes the air tightness poor. Putting the furnace plug on both ends of the furnace tube will help to form a balanced temperature. field.

6. ​​The temperature resistance of a quartz tube is related to its purity. The higher the purity, the higher the temperature resistance.