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In the future, the demand for mica tubes will continue to increase

In the future, the demand for mica tubes will continue to increase

In the future, the energy industry will be the focus of development, and the demand for mica tubes will continue to increase. In addition to the upgrading of industrial and electrical equipment, a large number of insulating plates and other products are also needed. The domestic mica tube has a broad market. In addition, the demand for mica powder will continue to grow with the continuous development of the application field. The ability to fully grasp the development status of the domestic market for mica tubes is not only related to the company’s future capacity planning, but also determines the company’s product strategy to a large extent.

mica tube has high mechanical strength and temperature resistance. The mica tube is suitable for the insulation of electrodes, rods or outlet bushings in various motors and electrical equipment.

The technical performance of mica tube is equal to that of foreign products. Mainly used for imported steel-making electric arc furnaces, scouring furnaces, electric furnaces for mining and metallurgy, and supporting insulation parts. The inner diameter of the mica tube is at least 10 mm. It has high mechanical strength, heat resistance, and can be used for a long time within 500-800 degrees Celsius. Widely used in electric heaters, steel-making electric arc furnaces, calcium carbide, aluminum alloys, electric furnaces for mining and metallurgy, etc. The wall thickness of the product is greater than 1 mm.

high temperature resistant mica tube is a thermosetting tubular insulation product made of mica paper impregnated with silicone adhesive after baking.

mica tube can be used as bushing and sleeve insulation of electric heating equipment whose actual use temperature is 900℃.

The appearance of the mica tube is smooth, without delamination, bubbles and wrinkles, and has traces of processing and trimming but does not exceed the index of wall thickness tolerance. The inner wall has slight wrinkles and defects, and the two ends are cut neatly.

We believe that the market prospects of mica tubes in the future will have great potential.