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Where is the high performance of the bolt heating wire?

Where is the high performance of the bolt heating wire?

●High in design style

The induction heating equipment has a unique structural design, adopts a brand-new manufacturing technology, and a mechanical and electrical integration unit. Its configuration is flexible, mobile, and adaptable. It is not affected by the operating environment, greatly saving material transportation costs, and has a high degree of automation. .

●Highly reliable and durable

Bolt heating equipment is highly reliable, durable, stable, and low failure rate, which is the basic requirement. The main reason why this equipment is reliable and durable is that the body is made of high-quality steel and welded by heat treatment. The complete set of bolt heating wires have high rigidity, strength, wear resistance and service life.

●High in intelligence

The control system adopts PCL technology combined with touch screen control, which can fully realize fully automatic and fully remote operation, so that the operator can understand the operation of the metal heat treatment equipment. The equipment has a high degree of automation and strong stability, which greatly improves the operation of the equipment The efficiency is also better for users to save production costs.

●Higher is more environmentally friendly

The bolt heating equipment adopts the electromagnetic principle to heat production, the production realizes environmental protection processing, does not produce noise pollution, and meets the environmental protection requirements of relevant departments.