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How to use the muffle furnace to be safe?

How to use the muffle furnace to be safe?

(1). Before starting the furnace, check the tightness of the gas pipeline valve and the pressure on the gas pipeline shall not be lower than the specified value.

(2). Empty furnace test push rod mechanism, pull rod mechanism and lifting mechanism work.


(3). Loosen the compression spring to the specified size range.


(4). Adjust the water level of the water seal, open the valve of the water seal to discharge the combustion pipe, and close the valve of the water seal.


(5). Close the furnace door at the feed end, open the furnace door at the discharge end, and close the furnace door when the direction of kerosene spraying to form a mist flow is normal.

(6). Ignite the burner of the feed chamber.

(7). Exhaust gas should be discharged through a valve with no water seal.

(8). Intermittent production first carburize the furnace pot.

(9). When the parts are placed, the distance between the parts and the parts is not less than 5 mm; the edge of the parts does not exceed the length of the base plate and the specified height.

(10). Quickly open and close the inlet and outlet doors, but the speed of the push-pull rod must be stable.

(11). The position of the parts in the pre-cooling room should be directly below the thermocouple.

(12). Only 24 chassis are allowed to be filled in the furnace, and the continuous feeding must be pulled and then pushed.

(13). When shutting down the furnace, all furnace areas should be lowered to the same temperature, and then the natural temperature should be lowered.