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How to extend the service life of breathable bricks

How to extend the service life of breathable bricks

For steel manufacturers, they play an important role in the refining process of molten steel. With the increase in the number of uses, the loss of breathable bricks becomes more and more serious. Therefore, increasing the service life of ventilating bricks can increase the output of steel to a certain extent. The main methods include bottom blowing asymmetric air supply, replacement of vent cores, control of reasonable bottom blowing parameters, and maintenance.

In the bottom-blowing asymmetric air supply method, two sets of air-permeable bricks work alternately in production. Generally speaking, the two sets of air-permeable bricks are fully functional, and the age of the bag can be greatly increased, and the large-flow air supply of the air-permeable bricks is not too problematic when the ladle is not very large. In comparison, the use of this method will increase costs, but it is insufficient compared with the promotion effect and the economic benefit produced by the increase in the package age.

Use split ventilating bricks to replace the ventilating core. After the ventilating core sees an alarm, break the pad under the ventilating brick and replace with a new ventilating core. This method can make full use of other refractory materials in the bag and increase the age of the bag. the goal of.

By controlling reasonable bottom blowing parameters and frequent maintenance, it is not only beneficial to improve the age of the bag, but also to maintain a good metallurgical effect. In the process of using ventilating bricks, when the bottom blowing pressure is too high, the molten steel will roll violently. After contact with the air, the molten steel will be re-oxidized; if the pressure is too low, the molten steel cannot be blown and the bottom blowing will fail and the metallurgical effect will be affected. In addition, the bottom blowing device has been neglected to maintain for a long time, and there may be air leakage, which not only causes the loss of bottom blowing gas and increases production costs, but also causes the bottom blowing pressure to be too small, which

In addition to the above methods, there are many ways to improve the service life of air-permeable bricks. For example, by changing the brick type of air-permeable bricks, Ke Chuangxin Material, as a professional manufacturer of air-permeable bricks, produces impermeable bricks, slit bricks, and split bricks. Waiting for 18 years for breathable bricks, with unique formula and patented design, we will do our best to serve steel mills.