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The characteristics of high temperature electric furnace wire

The characteristics of high temperature electric furnace wire

1. Iron-chromium-aluminum alloy electric furnace wire

(1) The use temperature is high. For example, the limit use temperature of HRE iron-chromium-aluminum alloy wire in the atmosphere can reach 1400℃, which means that the limit temperature of the electric furnace can reach 1400℃. If you need to design an experimental electric furnace that exceeds this temperature, you need Choose other electric stove wire;

(2) Long service life;

(3) The allowable surface load is large;

(4) Good oxidation resistance, the AI2O3 film formed after oxidation has good chemical resistance and high resistivity, the specific gravity is less than that of nickel-chromium alloy, and the resistivity is high;

(5) Good sulfur resistance;

(6) The price is significantly lower than that of nickel-chromium alloys.

2. Nickel-chromium alloy electric furnace wire

(1) High strength at high temperature;

(2) Cool down after long-term use, the material will not become brittle;

(3) The emissivity of fully oxidized Ni-ming alloy is higher than that of Fe-Cr-Al alloy;

(4) Non-magnetic;

(5) Except for sulfur atmosphere, it has better corrosion resistance.