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Advantages of FR4 epoxy board

Advantages of FR4 epoxy board

1. Strong adhesion:

Because of the molecular relationship, the epoxy resin itself has high adhesion and can be used as an adhesive. In the epoxy board, the resin and glass fiber are firmly bonded together, and it is difficult to separate by external force.

2. Convenient curing:

The curing temperature of epoxy resin is within 0~180, and it is easy to control without using too high temperature during production.

3. Various forms:

Epoxy resin is used to make epoxy board, and other resins, such as phenolic resin, can also be added. In order to make epoxy board have flame retardant performance or make it strong and high temperature resistant, other additives and modifications can also be added. Sex agent.

4. Low shrinkage rate:

The epoxy board has stable thermal properties and low shrinkage. Even in a humid and hot environment, it can maintain its original appearance.

5. Remarkable mechanical ability:

The epoxy board has high strength, light weight, can withstand strong external impacts, and has a small electrical breakdown ability. It can work for a long time under high-strength voltage and current and is resistant to fatigue.