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What are the aspects of energy saving and energy saving of ventilating bricks?

What are the aspects of energy saving and energy saving of ventilating bricks?

In industrial production, a lot of equipment is needed. In modern industrial production, the production and development of some equipment has filled our lives with inventions and creations. Now, there are many times when industrial development has become It is closely related to our lives. Whether it is an individual, a family, or the economy of the entire country, there is an inevitable connection with industrial development. At present, all inventions and creations are responding to the call for energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon. Among the tools and some equipment, energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection have also become the main tone of development. Even the breathable bricks are the same.

The use of air-permeable bricks has been in the industry for a period of time, and it is constantly changing in use. At present, the use of air-permeable bricks is very common. In some large manufacturers, all It is possible to see the use of breathable bricks. Perhaps, many people do not know what breathable bricks are. Breathable bricks are a kind of equipment that needs to be used when ladle scouring and ladle processing are carried out.

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At present, many manufacturers in our country have begun to use breathable bricks. The effect of breathable bricks is obvious to all, and it has also been praised by many users. In use, for various refined ladles ranging from 15 tons to 100 short, the breathable bricks can be used, and the service life is very long. This can be proved by the used manufacturers. The breathable bricks Use, can greatly reduce the number of times to replace the ventilating bricks of the ladle, and the number of times to replace the ventilating bricks is reduced. The number of times of rapid cold and rapid heating of the material is relatively reduced. From the reduction of the number of operations, the energy-saving effect of the breathable brick is very good. In terms of consumption reduction, it has a very significant effect.

The use and production of air-permeable bricks have brought great contributions to our life and the development of industry. No matter from which aspect, the function of air-permeable bricks is irreplaceable. In the use of ladle, it is also It is much simpler and more convenient. The long life of the breathable brick is also the biggest advantage. Because of the long life of the breathable brick, the effect of use is greatly increased, and the effect and raw materials used are greatly reduced.