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Steel rod heating equipment manufacturers

Steel rod heating equipment manufacturers

● Power supply system for steel rod heating equipment: 200KW-6000KW or IGBT200KW-IGBT2000KW, with an hourly output of 0.2-16 tons.

● Induction heating system for steel rod heating: custom-designed inductors according to your needs, workpiece specifications, shapes, and sizes of induction furnace body, furnace body temperature controllable, energy-saving, high-efficiency, and fast.

● Storage system: thick-walled square tubes are welded to form a storage platform, with an inclination of 13 degrees, which can store more than 20 materials.

● Temperature control system: Infrared temperature measurement PLC temperature closed loop automatic temperature control system.

● PLC control: a specially customized man-machine interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions, a remote operation console of an industrial computer system with a touch screen, and all-digital and high-depth adjustable parameters, making your control equipment more handy. There is a “one-key restore” system and a multi-language switching function.

● Roller conveyor system: adopts a rotating conveying mechanism, the axis of the roller and the axis of the workpiece form an angle of 18-21 degrees, the roller table between the furnace body is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and is water-cooled, and the workpiece is heated evenly.

▲ Energy conversion: heating each ton of steel to 1050°C, power consumption 310-330°C.