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How to improve the quality of SMC insulation board

How to improve the quality of SMC insulation board

The advantages of SMC insulation board are very obvious. Therefore, there are many customers and friends who want to buy this product. And they naturally hope that the quality of the products they buy is guaranteed, so how can the quality of the SMC insulation board be improved? We can take a look at the methods introduced below.

SMC insulation board

First of all, in the stamping equipment, the stamping demand for bathroom patch parts is very severe. During molding, the pressure applied to the product is 50-100 kg/cm². Therefore, the smaller the area, the smaller the product demand pressure, and the larger the waterproof trays, wall panels, bathtubs, roofs and other components. , Just need more pressure from the press. Therefore, the greater the pressure value of a single press, the larger the product that can be manufactured. On the contrary, it is impossible to provide a perfect product.

Secondly, the molding skills of SMC components determine that all links of the production process must be accurate, including the horizontal positioning of the press, the up and down movement speed of the press slider, and the accuracy of the mold. In the production process, the pressure and temperature of each area in the mold, and even the pressure of mold opening and closing, must be uniform and accurate. Therefore, the precision of SMC parts presses and molds is very high, far exceeding other jobs. The quantity planning and accuracy of presses and molds are key equipment for all sanitary companies to ensure product quality and enrich product categories.