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Steel annealing furnace

Steel annealing furnace

The steel plate annealing furnace is fully automated production line, which is intelligently controlled by PLC, and the computer monitors the production process of the steel plate annealing furnace. High efficiency and energy saving, the company has a team of experienced experts in the induction heating industry, professionally designing steel plate annealing furnaces, tailored for you. Fully automatic realization of feeding, heating, and unmanned operation in the whole process, and a perfect power control model to ensure the temperature control accuracy of the induction heating equipment.

The steel annealing furnace adopts PLC control features:

1. The steel plate annealing furnace provides a remote operation console with a touch screen or an industrial computer system according to user needs.

2. With a specially customized man-machine interface and highly user-friendly operation instructions, one person can operate the entire steel plate annealing furnace, saving labor and costs.

3. All-digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, as long as the steel type and size of the workpiece are input, and related parameters are automatically called, there is no need to manually record, check, and input. Has a high-precision history curve function. It can be backed up by U disk or network, and the data can be stored permanently.

4. Strict grade management system, steel plate intermediate frequency annealing equipment is equipped with one-key reduction system. (If there is a problem in the adjustment, or you want to restore the device to its original state, just press a button to restore the original data)

Introduction to the configuration and working performance of the mechanical part of the steel annealing furnace:

●The roller table is powered by dual pressure rollers, each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, and is controlled by an independent frequency converter, so that the steel plate can advance on the roller table flexibly and at a uniform speed, so that the temperature uniformity of the heating of the workpiece, adopts the water-cooled roller frequency conversion driving method Feeding, the workpiece is conveyed at a constant speed, and an induction device is set on the conveying line to ensure that the steel plate passes smoothly through the idler roller.

●The frame body of the transmission mechanism has sufficient strength and rigidity. In order to facilitate the installation of the spring steel plate heat treatment equipment, an adjustable foot is installed at the bottom of the frame to make the whole equipment more beautiful.

●Steel annealing furnace adopts series resonance intermediate frequency induction power control, fully open rectification, high power factor, low harmonic component, full touch screen control, pure digital setting, perfect process record and strict grade authority.

●Steel annealing furnace has uniform heating, high production efficiency and low energy consumption