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Bar material diathermy electromagnetic induction heating equipment

Bar material diathermy electromagnetic induction heating equipment

Bar material diathermy furnace is mainly used for forging, diathermy, etc. The equipment has fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization, high heating efficiency, and good process repeatability. It is controlled by air-cooled induction heating power supply and can be used when the power is turned on. , Compared with other heating methods, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, no pollution and high heating efficiency.

Bar material diathermy equipment process:

The bar diathermy equipment is easy to operate. The American Leitai two-hand infrared thermometer device is installed at the furnace mouth of the bar diathermy equipment, which can monitor and control the temperature of the bar during the entire processing process and control the production cycle. When the equipment starts feeding, the infrared thermometer will leave the bar, rotate an angle, and then the push rod will push the bar into the induction heater. The next roller will transfer the iron bar to the end of the roller. Then the feeder transfers the steel rod to the discharge rack. During the launch, the thruster will return to normal, and the next shot will go to the feeder rack. At the same time, the infrared thermometer will return to the measuring position and touch the head of the club. Then one feeding and discharging ends. Generally, the diathermy furnace for bar materials will be equipped with a holding furnace to make the steel rods evenly heated.

Outstanding advantages of bar diathermy equipment:

1. Bar material diathermy equipment has high production efficiency, fast heating speed, and less oxidation and decarburization.

2. High reliability. Because our bar material diathermy production line has a unique circuit design and system power module unit, even if individual power modules are damaged, the equipment can still work normally.

3. Energy saving. Compared with the high-frequency induction heating equipment of electronic tubes, our bar diathermic furnace can save 50% of electricity and 70% of water. Users can easily adjust the power supply, accurately control and select any heating conditions.

4. Using semiconductor devices, the medium frequency diathermy equipment has a longer service life.

5. Low failure rate, high safety factor, simple structure and convenient maintenance.