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PC Bar Massing Wire

PC Bar Massing Wire

PC Bar Massage Massage Technology Parameter Features:

1. Power supply system: quenching power supply: 160-1000kW / 0.5-2.5 kHz;

2, back fire power supply: 100-600kW / 0.5-2.5kHz.

3, hourly output 0.5-3.5 tons, scope of application Ø20-Ø120.

4, conveying roller: The roller axis is from the corner of the workpiece 18 to 21 °, the workpiece is rotated, and the heating is more uniform, and the heating is more uniform, and the furnace roller is 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water is cold.

5, the roller packet: the feed group, the inductor group, and the discharge group each control, which is conducive to the continuous heating without the gap between the workpieces.

6, the temperature closed loop control of the bar material regulation: quenching and tempering use the US Leilant infrared thermometer and form a closed-loop control system with German Siemens S7, precise temperature control.

7. Industrial computer system: Real-time display of the status, workpiece parameter memory, storage, printing, fault display, alarm and other functions of the working parameters in real time.

8, energy conversion: use quenching + tempering mode, tonne power consumption of 420 ~ 480 degrees.


PC Bar Massage Working Process: Working Process:

The PC rod mass strip production line mechanical action is controlled by PLC, and then manually puts the base in the storage rack, and the remaining action is automatically completed by the system under PLC control. You can set a set of programs according to each product specification of the user. You only need to click on the touch screen to click on the product specification of the product. All the PLC programs are automatically completed.

Trolley slings → storage platform → automatic renewal mechanism → feed roller → hardening sensing heating → infrared temperature measurement → discharge roller → spray quenching → quenching completion → temper delivery mechanism → tempering sensor heating → infrared rays Temperature measurement → discharge roller → cooling mechanism → collecting rack