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Unique advantages of induction heating furnace

Unique advantages of induction heating furnace

Advanced technology: The copper rod intermediate frequency heating furnace adopts advanced MOSFET, IGBT power devices and unique frequency conversion technology to effectively improve the performance of the induction heating furnace and the induction heating treatment effect.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Copper rod intermediate frequency heating furnace has low energy consumption in actual production. Compared with SCR, it can save 40% of water and 30%-40% of electricity. What’s even better is that the induction heating equipment does not produce exhaust gas, waste smoke, noise and dust during the actual production process, so there is no need to worry about pollution to the environment.

Investment savings: Songdao Technology’s induction heating furnace is of high quality, and the components are all from internationally renowned brands to ensure a long service life. Using PLC system control, simple operation and low failure rate. Therefore, the cost of putting into operation and maintenance is low, and it is better that the copper rod intermediate frequency heating furnace realizes mechanization and mass production.

Good heating effect: The heating speed of induction heating equipment is very fast, and the required heating temperature can be reached in a short time, avoiding oxidation and decarburization. The profiling inductor ensures the uniformity of the heating temperature and heating area, improves the heating effect, and ensures the quality of the heat treatment of the workpiece.