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How to use induction melting furnace

How to use induction melting furnace

1. During the melting process, if the inter-turn furnace lining of the inductor is red or there are other signs of steel wear, stop the furnace in time to pour out the molten steel, and don’t be lucky.

After each furnace is tapped, check the furnace lining and furnace wall. If there is a relatively “black” part, stop the furnace decisively to prevent molten steel from leaking.

2. When feeding the induction melting furnace, it is strictly forbidden to add sealed, semi-sealed objects (containers), tubular objects, damp, oily, water, or ice (it must be placed in the furnace mouth and dried before adding), or severely corroded , Objects that are too cold, or other explosives. Once there was a detonator entrained in the material and added to the furnace, blowing up one eye of the furnace worker.

When loading the furnace material, do not hit it with a hammer, and should be gently placed and tapped to avoid damage to the furnace.

Many of the stainless steel reheating materials are stainless steel containers and pipes dismantled by chemical plants, which absorb a lot of chemical materials. It is best to clean up the chemical materials before going out of the furnace to avoid polluting the air.

When adding alloy materials to alloy steel, it should be clamped with pliers after preheating, and added slowly and in batches. When adding, the face of the operator should avoid the furnace mouth