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Common problems in the cooling water system of induction heating equipment

Common problems in the cooling water system of induction heating equipment

1. Unstable water pressure

The water pressure loading range of the induction heating equipment is 0.2~0.3MPa, but the water pressure loaded by the user when using the equipment is either too high or too low, which will then adversely affect the equipment. For example, if the water pressure is too high, the pipe will burst or leak, which will threaten the equipment circuit; if the water pressure is too low, the heat dissipation effect will be poor, which will damage the IGBT or other components. Therefore, Yuantuo Electromechanical suggests that the water circuit must be designed according to the requirements when using induction heating equipment.

2. No emergency water supply system

The induction heating equipment suddenly encounters a water cut during normal operation. Although the main engine has work protection, the heating furnace body is difficult to cool for a short time due to the high temperature of the furnace and high temperature workpieces, which can easily cause the furnace body to be damaged.

3. Dust and greasy

The environment where the induction heating equipment is located may be filled with fine particles such as dust, oil fume, water vapor, etc. Then, given that the exhaust fan is installed in the main body of the equipment, the negative pressure caused by the power supply during its operation will suck these fine particles from the gap. Then they are attached to the electrical components, printed boards, and the surface of the mounting wires. On the one hand, the components or components have poor heat dissipation, and on the other hand, the insulation of the devices will be damaged, and they will ignite or arc when encountering high voltage. It may even cause burning.

It can be seen that the abnormality of the cooling water system causes great harm to the induction heating equipment. Therefore, when using the induction heating equipment, you must follow its use standards, and do not use it at will because of trouble or other factors!