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Use conditions of induction melting furnace

Use conditions of induction melting furnace

Power requirements: three-phase 380V, 50Hz, grid voltage fluctuation should not exceed ±5%, and waveform distortion should not exceed ±5%.

Water source requirements: cooling water pressure 0.2-0.4MPa, temperature not higher than 35℃, PH value 7-7.5.

Installation site requirements: The equipment should be installed in the factory or courtyard, free from rain erosion, sun exposure, and good ventilation. Inside the factory building with thermal facilities to avoid damage to the cooling system due to icing.

Ambient temperature for equipment use: 0-40°C.

The minimum storage temperature of the equipment: 0-35℃, the water in the cooling system should be drained when stored below zero.

Environmental conditions: The air does not contain conductive dust, acids, alkalis, salts, corrosive and explosive gases. Air humidity: no more than 90% when the ambient humidity is 20°C. The altitude does not exceed 50% when the ambient temperature is 36℃: the altitude does not exceed 1000m