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Acid melting steel induction furnace lining material

Acid melting steel induction furnace lining material

A. Product introduction

This product is a special refractory material for quartz intermediate frequency coreless induction furnace, and the material is acidic. On the basis of high-purity microcrystalline silicon ramming material, the addition of part of fused silica and pre-phase-change treated quartz has significantly improved the disadvantages of the expansion of the furnace lining. The rise of the furnace lining during the oven is significantly reduced, and there is no crack in the cold furnace. It is characterized by high-purity raw materials, reasonable gradation, and resistance to rapid cold and heat, and is especially suitable for intermittent operation of large-scale medium-frequency induction furnaces. This material is a pre-mixed dry ramming mixture. The content of sintering agent and mineralizer has been prepared according to customer requirements, and the user can directly put it into use. Each product model is suitable for smelting temperature of 1400℃-1850℃.


B. Technical data (chemical composition does not contain sintering agent)

SiO2 ≥ 98.5% CaO+MgO ≤0.1% Fe2O3 ≤ 0.2%

Material density: 2.1g/cm3 Limit temperature: 1850°C Construction method: Dry vibration or dry ramming

C. Economical and durable, high output

The age of the 70-ton intermediate frequency steelmaking furnace ranges from 35 furnaces to 60 furnaces.

The 40-ton intermediate frequency steelmaking furnace has a furnace age of 40-70 furnaces,

The 1 ton intermediate frequency casting furnace has a furnace age of 400 to 600 furnaces.