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Rebar electric heating furnace

Rebar electric heating furnace

Technical parameters of rebar heating furnace

1. Power supply system: IGBT500KW-IGBT2000KW.

2. Hourly output of equipment: 2-16 tons.

3. Inductor design of steel bar heating furnace: variable turn pitch, temperature gradient design, high production efficiency.

4. Elastically adjustable pressure roller: the workpieces of different diameters can be fed at a uniform speed. The roller table and the pressure roller between the furnace bodies are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

5. Infrared temperature measurement: an infrared temperature measurement device is installed at the discharge end to make the temperature of the metal workpiece consistent before entering the rolling mill.

6. Energy conversion: heating ø25mm~ø52mm to 1000℃, power consumption 260~280 degrees.

7. Man-machine interface PLC automatic intelligent touch screen control system, highly user-friendly operation instructions.

8. The all-digital, high-depth adjustable parameters of the steel rebar heating furnace allow you to control the equipment handily.

9. Strict hierarchical management system and perfect one-key restore system.