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Medium frequency heating equipment for steel pipe heating

Medium frequency heating equipment for steel pipe heating

Songdao technology steel pipe heating medium frequency heating equipment has the characteristics:

1. It has low power consumption, high production efficiency, and strong adaptive ability.

2. The heating is uniform, and there is less oxide scale during the heating process.

3. The medium frequency heating equipment for steel pipe heating adopts man-machine interface PLC automatic intelligent control, and one person can operate the production of a complete set of induction heating equipment.

4. The product qualification rate is high. The medium-frequency heating equipment for steel pipe heating is equipped with an infrared thermometer to constantly detect the temperature of the metal workpiece during heating.

5. Recipe management function, powerful recipe management system, after selecting the steel grade and plate type parameters to be produced, the relevant parameters are automatically called, and there is no need to manually record, consult, and input the parameter values ​​required by various workpieces.

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