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Safe operation method of box type resistance furnace

Safe operation method of box type resistance furnace

(1) It is forbidden to pour any liquid into the furnace, do not put the sample with water and oil into the furnace, and do not use the clamp with water and oil to pick up the sample;

(2) Protective gloves should be worn when loading and taking samples. The sample should be placed in the middle of the furnace and placed neatly. When loading and taking samples, the opening time of the furnace door should be shortened as much as possible;

(3) The temperature of the box-type resistance furnace shall not exceed the rated temperature at any time, and the electric furnace and surrounding samples shall not be touched casually;

(4) Operators should not leave without authorization, and should always pay attention to whether the working status of the temperature control instrument system is normal;

(5) Check and calibrate each instrument at any time. When an alarm occurs, judge the reason through the panel prompt and deal with it in time. If it cannot be dealt with, stop working immediately and cut off the power to report;

(6) When the sample is out of the furnace, the heating element should be cut off, and the tooling should be firmly clamped. It is strictly forbidden to throw away at will to avoid collision with the sample and the internal and external parts of the electric furnace.