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What are the applicable fields of high frequency welding equipment

What are the applicable fields of high frequency welding equipment

The quality of high-frequency welding equipment is far superior to that of electronic tube high-frequency products, such as stable weld quality, easy control, fewer defects, and good forming. In addition, it overcomes the low work efficiency, high working voltage, and low safety factor of traditional welding equipment. Defects such as high maintenance costs, so it is more and more widely used. So, what are the application fields of high-frequency welding equipment?

1. Medical field

In traditional surgery, blood vessels are closed by separation, clamping and silk ligation. The development of electrosurgery has significantly reduced surgical bleeding, especially tissue bleeding and small blood vessel bleeding. High-frequency welding equipment can coagulate blood vessels below a few millimeters in diameter with satisfactory results. Through high-frequency welding equipment, bipolar coagulation and pulse energy modes are used. It can achieve better blood vessel closure effect. Efficient high-frequency welding equipment plays an important role in the medical field.

2. Industrial field

High-frequency welding equipment also plays an important role in the field of industrial production. The steel produced by high-frequency welding equipment has the advantages of large section modulus and high bearing capacity of traditional H-shaped steel, and its production process is basically automated, product quality is not affected by human factors, high production efficiency, convenient production, and weld quality Stablize. In addition, its cross-sectional dimensions are more flexible. The high-frequency welding H-shaped steel production line can conveniently produce H-shaped steels with unequal widths and unequal thicknesses on the upper and lower flanges, so that the materials can be fully utilized. High-efficiency high-frequency welding equipment plays a prominent role in the industrial field.

3. Power field

High-frequency welding equipment also plays an important role in the electric field, and high-frequency welding equipment is effective welding current equipment. AC voltage regulating circuit is a relatively common power electronic circuit, which is the main circuit form of AC power controller. It is divided into two types: phase-shift control and on-off control. Since the phase-shift control type is widely used, it is generally called The phase-shift control AC voltage regulator circuit is an AC voltage regulator. High-frequency welding equipment also plays a very important role in power equipment.

The high-frequency welding equipment is formed at one time through a unique dry forming welding process in the entire production process, with no water, no coolant, and zero pollution emission, effectively solving the problem of secondary pollution and corrosion resistance of raw materials, with high product accuracy and high welding strength. I believe that in the future, high-frequency welding equipment will be more and more widely used.