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Advantages of continuous casting billet hot rolling heating furnace

Advantages of continuous casting billet hot rolling heating furnace:

1. The heating time of the billet in the electromagnetic induction furnace is shorter than the heating time of the flame furnace, which not only helps to reduce the iron loss, but also improves the surface quality of the billet during the rolling process.

2. Using electromagnetic induction heating, there are no combustion products in the heating zone, thereby effectively avoiding the oxidation and decarburization of the billet, so that a clean billet can be obtained through this rapid heating;

3. The continuous casting billet hot-rolling heating furnace has a fast heating speed, reduces surface oxidation and decarburization, is beneficial to environmental protection, and greatly reduces heat radiation;

4. The induction heating furnace is not only more convenient to quickly and accurately automatically control the temperature, but also can save energy;

5. Yuantuo induction heating furnace heats the billet, and its equipment maintenance cost is much smaller than that of flame furnace;

6. The billet heating furnace can heat super-long billets, which is beneficial to realize semi-endless rolling and improve rolling efficiency.