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Precautions for the use of epoxy glass fiber pipe

Precautions for the use of epoxy glass fiber pipe

Epoxy glass fiber tube is a relatively important insulation tube. There are many precautions in the use process. Only when used correctly can good results be achieved. Next, the editor of Xinxiang Insulation Materials Company will introduce the use of epoxy glass. Precautions for the fiber tube, so that everyone can use it better.


First of all, before using the epoxy glass fiber pipe, we must check whether the epoxy glass fiber pipe and the cable size are the same. In addition, we must choose a more suitable environment for construction, and try to make the air good, not humid, and It is carried out in an environment without flying confetti and dust.


Secondly, during the use of the insulated pipe, the entire construction process of the construction personnel should be done in one go as far as possible, not half-hearted, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and damage to the subsequent use.

Also, after the use of the epoxy fiberglass pipe is completed, don’t forget to clean the construction site and try to keep the epoxy fiberglass pipe clean.