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750KW copper rod induction heating production line

750KW copper rod induction heating production line

1 Copper rod induction heating production line. Technical requirements

1.1 Material: red copper (copper nickel silicon dioxide, nickel 1.6~2.2%, silicon 0.4~0.8%)

1.2 Heating temperature: 900℃

1.3 Bar specifications: Φ52mm, length 50-100m.

Operability of copper rod induction heating production line:

①With a good man-machine interface, the operator can control the induction power supply by simply operating a few buttons.

②It has a good PLC software control system, automatic heating control, automatic reference power calculation and temperature feedback, process parameter storage, automatic power frequency tracking, system failure detection and other automatic functions, reducing the work intensity of the operator and the probability of operating errors.

Safety of copper rodinduction heating production:

①All electrical components are placed in a sealed power cabinet, and there are no high-voltage and high-current components outside the cabinet.

②The door of the power cabinet is locked, and the operator cannot touch the internal components of the power cabinet at any time. The power door is opened and the main power supply is disconnected, eliminating safety hazards.

③With high protection and control function, even if the power supply is running, the components will not be damaged even if the circuit is short-circuited or abnormal current.